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Compare Skateboard Ramps carries ramps of all sizes from quarter pipes, half pipes, a-frame, spines, and more. We have many skateboard ramps designed by professional skaters so you will be able to find something you need to take your skills to the next level.

Wanting to know which skateboard ramps to buy? Check out this page for more information.

Half Pipes

We carry many different sizes of half pipes in widths and height and some with optional height extensions as well for even higher drop-ins. From 6ft to 16ft you should be able to find whatever size half pipe you need to fit your space. Want to put something in your garage? Choose one of the smaller sized pipes we carry. Have a huge open space and want to invite your friends? Check out the 16ft half pipe we carry. 

Its also good to check the durability and price point you're looking at. Many of the half pipe ramps will either come in 1, 2, or 3 ply riding surfaces and that will impact the price the most along with the amount of wood needed.

Check out this 8ft half pipe made famous by pro skaters Dave Bachinsky and Cody McEntire in our collection from OC Ramps.

Quarter Pipes

Quarter pipes are awesome skate obstacles because they can fit almost anywhere and when adding another you can create a nice half pipe shape. We carry many different sizes of quarter pipes to fit the desired location that you have. Different heights and widths will give you the options you need to start out however you would like. Want to upgrade eventually and go larger, we have larger quarter pipe ramps also. 

Check out this 3ft x 4ft quarter pipe for an awesome starter size quarter pipe to fit any space even the back of your truck.

Transforming Ramps

Not sure what obstacle to get or don't like to be put into a box? Check out these transforming launch pad ramps from Transformer Rails and Keen Ramp. These things have tons of trick potential and dozens of angles, heights, and styles to choose from with a quick simple transformation tool. 

These are lightweight and easy to transport and work alongside any other obstacle you might have. Want it to be a box, wall ride, ramp, launch pad, etc. it will do it all. We carry two different sizes and promise you will get your money worth. Check out the 6ft transforming launch pad here.  

Spines/Bumps/Banked Ramps

Want something a little different or don't have the room for quarter pipes or half pipes? Then look at our unique selection of "other" ramps including spines, bumps, banked ramps, and more. These ramps are perfect for learning street skills and practicing very as well. The 7ft spine ramp we carry is truly unique with a recycled parking bumper used for the coping and provides a nice solid plastic crash surface for when you do need to bail. We even have some ramp and rail combo obstacles for you to practice on. We carry a lot of different types of skateboard ramps and obstacles.

Whichever skateboard ramp or obstacle you choose, we have a large selection of them on our site. From street skating to vert skating, we love to provide value for skaters of all kinds. Check out our free US shipping on all skateboard ramps and 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything. We also have 5% price match guarantee on all ramps. If you happen to see a better price anywhere else, let us know and we will beat it by 5%.